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SinkIt Shootout

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Grab a friend and compete head-to-head with Sink It Shootout!
Toss or bounce balls into the 10 targets, trying to turn off all the lights!
Sink a ball in each cup in as few shots as possible, the fewer shots you take, the more tickets you win!

Sink It Shootout comes standard as a pair, complete with lit marquee.
Each game includes a 22" flat-screen monitor for advertising, game play instruction and high score display.
(Also available as a single game by request.)

Dimension details single game:

Setup: 30"W x 71"D x 77"H
Weight: 525 LBS.
Power: 110V: 1.6 amps / 220V: 1.1 amps
Afmetingen Verpakt Geïnstalleerd
hoogte n/a 2718 mm
breedte n/a 1575 mm
diepte n/a 1803 mm
gewicht n/a 499 Kg

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